Housing Composite resolution passed at labour conference

This is the main content of the Housing Composite resolution passed today at the Labour Party comment.

“Conference calls on the Labour Party to demand that the government takes action now to end the housing crisis by:

  • Fully funding councils to deliver the building of 150,000 social rent homes each year, including 100,000 council homes
  • Scrapping the tax loopholes on second homes, and allowing councils to cgarge a levy on second homes to be used to provide social housing
  • Giving councils additional planning powers in the form of change of use restrictions, to restrict the number of second/holiday homes in areas where they eroding the sustainability of local communities
  • End ‘right to buy’
  • End homelessness by implementing a national ‘Housing First’ system, with floating support , to house all those experiencing homelessness, regardless of immigrationstatus
  • Reviewing council housing debt to address underfunding of housing revenue accounts.
  • Ending Section 21 (no fault) evictions.
  • Commit to strengthening tenants’ rights
  • Commit to giving local authorities powers to compulsorily purchase development land that is being ‘land-banked’ and not developed by the landowner.
  • Fund the retro-fitting of council housing to cut greenhouse gases, provide jobs and promote a shift from outsourcing to Direct Labour Organisations.
  • Build disablity housing and in the meantime encourage local councils to include houses specifically designed for single occupation or couples. This should, in the short term, include private developments.

Conference also calls upon Labour to place these actions at the centre of its housing policies.”