New Labour’s culpability for the housing crisis

“At the end of New Labour's 13 years in government there were 655,000 less 'social homes' than when they were first elected.” Keir Starmer recently told Labour members that they should be proud of what the Blair government achieved. What did it achieve in relation to housing? If you examine New Labour's record there is … Continue reading New Labour’s culpability for the housing crisis

Time to end “Affordable rent”

Inside Housing has reported that housing association tenants are struggling to cope with the higher rents charged by landlords for so-called “affordable rent”. There's no reason to suspect that council tenants are any different. Read on below or download a PDF here ar-againDownload So-called affordable rent (AR) was introduced by the coalition government as part … Continue reading Time to end “Affordable rent”

Declaring a housing emergency – move this model resolution at your clp

Labour should be holding the government's feet to the fire over the housing emergency To read off-line download a PDF here post-conference-model-resolutionDownload In the priorities ballot to determine what issues would be discussed at the Labour conference housing once again was voted top priority by the constituency parties. The housing composite motion was voted through … Continue reading Declaring a housing emergency – move this model resolution at your clp

Labour Party conference fringe meeting

If you are in Brighton for the Labour conference come along to our fringe meeting on the Sunday. You can download a leaflet here: lcch-a5-16-09-21-final-2Download If you are a delegate make sure you vote for housing in the priorities ballot which will determine what is discussed in the conference.

Council Housing is not charity

Hello, my name is Clare Joseph and I am a Labour councillor for Victoria ward in Hackney. I grew up in Hackney and I live in social housing. The principal reason I ran for election in 2018 was that I was surrounded by building development in Hackney, but so little of it was council housing. … Continue reading Council Housing is not charity

Ten point plan for housing

This is a response to the interim report from the Housing, Transport and Local Government policy Commission of the Labour Party. Joint Submission to the National Policy Forum from theLabour Campaign for Council Housing, Labour Homelessness Campaign, Labour Tenants United, Labour Land Campaign. A meeting attended by representatives from the above four organisations was held … Continue reading Ten point plan for housing

The real obstacle to council house building is the absence of government grant

Martin Wicks says that the key to a large scale council house building programme is central government grant, not borrowing. Ever since Right to Buy was introduced the number of council homes has plummeted. The current government has provided little funding for councils to build homes through their housing revenue accounts. Since 2010 the number … Continue reading The real obstacle to council house building is the absence of government grant

Finding information on council housing

To develop a wider understanding of what councils are doing in relation to council housing across the country, we are asking supporters if they could do a bit of research in relation to their town/city. If you know where the sources of information are it is not a very onerous task. First, of all, councils … Continue reading Finding information on council housing

Build council homes

Carol Hayton from the Labour Campaign for Council Housing reminds readers of the Labour Briefing collective why we still need to organise within the Labour Party to ensure we get the radical housing policies the Country needs. The article invites all Labour Party members who agree that council housing must be at the heart of … Continue reading Build council homes

LGA housing report – the good, the bad and the ugly

Councils already play a vital role in housing supply as planning and housing authorities, as partners with house builders and registered providers, as direct builders, as providers of homes for the most vulnerable and as local place leaders. However, the planning for the “new normal” provides a unique opportunity for the sector to release its … Continue reading LGA housing report – the good, the bad and the ugly