Secretary’s report 2023 AGM

Delegates Briefing for the 2022 Labour Party Conference

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Model resolution for CLPs – Declaring a Housing Emergency

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Declaring a Housing Emergency

A campaign Newsletter explaining why we asking CLPs to carry a model resolution which calls on councils to Declare a Housing Emergency as a launchpad for campaigning to build pressure on the government to provide sufficient funding for existing council housing and grant for a large scale council house building programme.

Improving the Decent Homes Standard requires funding

How many council homes is your council building?

Check out how many homes your council is building or buying, compared to the number of homes it is losing through demolition and RTB sales. The data shows the breakdown of council homes by political parties in control of English local authorities.

The case for cancelling council housing ‘debt’. This is a pamphlet which highlights the under-funding of local authority housing revenue accounts and puts the case for cancelling what is bogus debt which hangs like an albatross around the neck of local authorities.

Model resolution for CLPs

This is our submission to Labour’s Policy Commission consultation for 2020 on Housing, Local Government and Transport: Coronavirus and the future of local government.

This is a letter to Steve Reed, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on the issue of debt cancellation

This is an Open Letter which called on the Labour leadership to include in the General Election Manifesto the three key policies passed at the September 2019 conference: 100,000 council homes a year, £10 billion a year grant to fund them, and ending Right to Buy. It includes an impressive list of signatories.