‘Press-ganged’ Generation Rent: youth homelessness, precarity and poverty in East London

Paul Watt

This is an interesting paper by campaign supporter Paul Watt, based on interviews with young people in East London. It highlights the relationship between low paid and precarious work and housing insecurity. For many of these people the expensive private rented sector is beyond their means.

“The paper illustrates the interlinkages between employment and housing precarity. The young people experienced the ‘low-pay, no-pay cycle’ which contributed towards making the expensive London PRS an insecure and unrealistic housing ‘option’. Their preferred housing was social renting, but access to this diminished due to austerity-related welfare cutbacks. Despite the young people’s wellfounded antipathy towards the PRS, they were increasingly being steered towards this tenure destination by housing officials – a case of coerced, ‘press-ganged’ Generation Rent.”

You can read it here:

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