Broadland CLP calls on Labour to stick to 2019 council housing policies

Broadland CLP (Norfolk) has passed the following resolution in relation to Labour’s housing policy.

“This CLP notes that the pandemic has made it impossible to ignore the importance of a stable home. But the housing emergency and government policy is denying too many people this vital foundation. The pandemic has shown the health consequences of poor and over-crowded housing. The likely spike in evictions will make the shortage of council housing even more acute. Over 1 million households are on the waiting list for a social home, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more are struggling in poor quality and insecure housing, unable to move into alternative housing eg private rented accommodation because of the costs and prejudices of landlords, prohibitive legislation, and unable to purchase homes. A better future is possible, but to build it we need a new generation of social homes. The Labour Party must be a strong voice for resolving the housing crisis. 

We agree to write to the NPF, Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner and Thangam Debbonaire (shadow housing secretary) calling on the Party to maintain its 2019 commitment to

  1. Build 150,000 social rent homes a year
  2. Of which at least 100,000 would be council homes funded by £10 billion grant a year
  3. Ending Right to Buy
  4. Making social homes available for the street homeless.

Therefore, we call on Labour to campaign together with all those organisations that recognise the need for a large scale council building programme, including the growing tenants movement, to pressure a shambolic government. We need to press these demands on the government consistently and repeatedly.”

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