Swindon council tenants reps call for rent freeze

Swindon Council tenant reps have written to the Cabinet member responsible for housing, calling on the council to press the government to fund a rent freeze for council housing. The media release is here.

Picking up on the media release the Swindon Advertiser reported that more than 15,000 council and housing association tenants in the town were facing the threat of a double digit rent increase. You can read the article here.

More than 4 million ‘social housing’ households face the threat of a 10% or more rent increase in the midst of a ‘cost of living crisis’ which will get worse with huge increases in the cost of energy in October and January. Millions of people are wondering how they can get through the winter without going under financially.

The Labour Campaign for Council Housing has raised the need for a coalition of tenant organisations and housing campaigns to campaign on the national level for the government to take emergency action to freeze rents in all three rental sectors. We have had positive responses thus far from Defend Council Housing, the Greater Manchester Tenants Union, the Labour Homelessness Campaign and Homes4All.

We will be producing a media release that you can use in your local area.

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