Hackney South CLP calls for end of Right to Buy

Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP is sending a resolution to the London Labour Party Regional Conference calling for an end to RTB amongst other demands. The resolution reads:

“Conference recognises that the severe shortage of social rented housing is at the root of London’s housing crisis.

We urge the Mayor, the London Assembly and councils to step up the pressure on the government for more public funding for the upkeep of social rented homes, the repurchase of homes sold under Right to Buy and the construction of social rented homes, and an end to the Right to Buy policy.

We also urge the Mayor to:
1) place a target of at least 50 per cent social rented housing on all major housing developments, including those in Opportunity Areas and mayoral development corporations;
2) give grant only to developments which guarantee at least 50 per cent social rented housing;
3) refuse permission to all regenerations of council and housing association estates which involve demolition of social rented housing.”

The conference takes place on January 28th-29th 2023.

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