London Socialist Health Association affiliates to the Labour Campaign for Council Housing

Coral Jones (Chair of the LSHA) reports that the London branch of the Socialist Health Association has voted to affiliate to the Labour Campaign for Council Housing. Members voted to affiliate to LCCH after hearing a presentation by Martin Wicks of LCCH and other housing campaigners at our general meeting on 14th December 2022 . The speakers spoke of the magnitude of housing waiting lists, poor housing, housing insecurity and homelessness in the UK.

The wider determinants of health have the most impact on peoples’ health and wellbeing, more than direct NHS services. These wider determinants include social, economic and environmental factors that influence health, wellbeing and inequalities. 

Housing is one of the most important factors affecting health. People need secure, warm, well ventilated and well maintained housing with enough space. 

The SHA London members agree with LCCH that there can be no resolution of the housing crisis without ending Right to Buy and a return to large scale council house building to secure housing for the general population and to promote health.

See Coral speaking at the 2022 Labour conference:

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