Leicester West CLP says no retreat on housing policy

The following resolution was passed unanimously at the Leicester West Constituency Party meeting yesterday.

Labour Housing Policy

We regret the fact that in his speech on Sept. 22nd, Keir Starmer limited his comments about the grave housing crisis to the promotion of policies designed to offer young people the prospect of owning their own home. We are concerned that there was no mention of council housing or the rental sector.  We request that the national leadership clarify their endorsement of the essential housing policies which were democratically agreed at Conference and are central to Labour philosophy.  These were:

  • £10 billion grant annually to build 100,000 council homes a year and
  • Ending right to buy

No democratic decision making process has decided to change this. In the light of this speech it is necessary for CLPs, affiliated unions, and the party membership to give the leadership a loud and clear message. We will not accept a retreat on these existing policies. Indeed we want the party to be demanding of the government that they do this now. The housing crisis needs tackling now. We cannot wait for the next general election.

It was agreed to send the motion to Keir Starmer and shadow housing minister Thangham Debbonaire.

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