Finding information on council housing

To develop a wider understanding of what councils are doing in relation to council housing across the country, we are asking supporters if they could do a bit of research in relation to their town/city. If you know where the sources of information are it is not a very onerous task.

First, of all, councils send in data returns every year to the Ministry of Housing. You can find the tables on the Ministry website. This link shows the last available year. It breaks down statistics at the local authority level.

Local authority housing statistics data returns for 2018 to 2019

You will find 10 tabs with information on the following:

ADwellings stockThis will show Social Rent and Affordable rent numbers, and the break-down of stock by bedroom numbers
BSales and transfersThe number of right to buy sales and value
CAllocationsThis shows the break-down of the waiting list and the “reasonable preference group”
DLettings and nominationsThe number of leettings and where they came from
EVacantsA breakdown of the “voids”, hw long they have been empty
FCondition of dwelling stockThis shows maintenance carried out and planned maintenance for the next financial year
GStock ManagementAverage re-let times and evicitons
HRent and Rent ArrearsThis shows the average social and affordable rent for each category according to bedroom numbers, the rent roll, what’s colected, and arrears
IAffordable Housing SupplyThe number of homes built or bought according to tenure type
JAffordable housing starts“Affordable housing” starts tenure and type

This page enables you to look at the last 10 years statistical data returns.

This page will enable you to find a wider range of housing statistics.

You can find the national statistics for HRAs overall on page 24 of this document

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