Islington Council Labour Group supports campaign to end Right to Buy

Islington Council Labour Group has agreed to support our statement calling on Labour to commit to ending Right to Buy.

“Providing more genuinely affordable and social homes has always been our priority for our Labour-run Council. As we have 14,000 people on our housing waiting list, local people need us to provide as many council homes as possible.

However, right to buy means that we are constantly playing catch-up as we have seen around 12,000 council homes sold to date.

The whole system is stacked against council housing as the Treasury makes us sell homes at below market value, takes away 25% of the proceeds and even then only lets us use one third of what is left towards building a new council home. Ending right to buy would start to level the playing field for councils in our goal of providing more genuinely affordable homes for those who desperately need them.”

Kaya Comer-Schwartz (pictured) Leader Islington Council, Diarmaid Ward Executive member Finance, and Una O’Halloran Executive member Communities and Housing.

This is the 12th Labour Group to support the statement.

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